Ethos of Empowerment program

Creating a whole school coaching ethos where teachers, students and parents are working together to create a learning environment that they own. Following a successful pilot in an independent SEN school the Big Lottery funded a project in a mainstream academy to evidence the outcomes on a larger scale.

Today’s teachers, parents and children are facing different challenges than those that existed when the current educational system was created – but education has not evolved along with these challenges. See what Sir John Whitmore, Chair of our charity Every Family Matters has to say:

Changing the ethos of the learning environment

Our Ethos of Empowerment (now called Discover Your Genius With) program is designed for schools to integrate our innovative personal development coaching for teachers, students and parents together.

An evolving culture of coaching emotional and social intelligence embodies a teacher, student, parent triangle of partnership, creating an ethos of empowerment in the students’ highest interests: synergising relationships between parent and teacher, parent and child and teacher and student, redefining parental engagement. By unleashing the aspirations of all its stakeholders, it engenders a whole-hearted school community as well as transforms families; its far-reaching impact is to change the fabric of the society from the inside out.

A summary of our programme

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“The best way to improve the engagement of young people in maximising their opportunities for the future is to work in meaningful and collaborative partnerships with their parents.”

‘Leadership for Parental Engagement’: National College for
Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services (2010).