Associate License

We have 2 online programs, one for teachers and the other for family support workers.

There are 6 modules including a workbook, videos, exercises and instructions. Rather than being academic, our program is experiential: applying it consistently to your everyday life is the best way to make real and lasting changes.

Experiencing the benefits of the course requires commitment. You will need to invest at least an hour of your time on each module plus time to reflect and practice your new skills in your work and beyond.

On the course tutoring and coaching
The most effective way to work through the program is to work within a team. A week after commencing we will hold a webinar for all participants to share their experiences, successes and challenges. This will help you instil your new skills and identify where you need to focus to enhance your effectiveness.

First year License
The cost of the first year Associate License is – a special introductory offer of ONLY £499, which includes this online training and support. For more information contact


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