A survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the PSHE Association, showed that 90% of parents believe schools should teach children and young people about mental health and emotional wellbeing alongside traditional subjects like maths and science. Here is their case: My question is who is supporting the parents?YouGov survey shows the importance of.. read more →

14 Apr 2014
April 14, 2014

Love is all you need (John Lennon)

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“There is a lot of scepticism around what life coaching means,” says  inspirational Family Coach Alan Wilson. “Some people think it’s about positive thinking and that helps but there’s so much more to it than that, it’s more about loving yourself and that’s what our innovative approach helps you with.” “Let me take you through our.. read more →

Our Parent Champion Ambassadors (PCAs) met a year after finishing their training and shared their experiences. Here are some highlights  of the 30 minute session where you can see parents have landed the learning, transformed their lives, the lives of their children and created a sustainable mindset. The first stage of becoming a PCAs is to familiarise.. read more →

23 Jul 2013
July 23, 2013

What went wrong?

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I was relaxing and enjoying my cup of coffee and watching this little bundle of new-born joy, love and pure energy and Mum instinctively knowing what that little cherub wants, even before the baby cries out. This beautiful picture was smashed by an angry troubled teen shouting, swearing and arguing with his Mum and she.. read more →

We received this message from a parent over the weekend: “I was in a children’s soft play centre at the weekend, playing with my little one, and I overheard something that made everything click into place for me over punishing children. I heard some older children, about 7 or 8 playing together, and one of.. read more →

To explain how this model works we use an example for a child. We can begin with something like ‘What Are You Going to Wear Today’? This might seem a simple question to answer for an adult, but how many things are there involved in making this choice? We make the choice easily as adults.. read more →

We are so used to telling children and teens what to do in our society. ‘Do this’, ‘no’, and ‘don’t do that’ is all some children or teens hear. And parents that follow a different path will likely receive comments from friends and family about being ‘soft’ on their children and teens or ‘letting them.. read more →

10 Apr 2013
April 10, 2013

Another damning report from UNICEF

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Another damning report from UNICEF ranks the UK 16th out of 29 developed countries for overall child wellbeing. We know we cannot rely on the Government to change things for our children so it’s up to us – every parent. The problem is parents today need new skills to support their children and teens in.. read more →

The University of Brighton has won a €751,000 (£641,000) grant to study the emerging problem of violent attacks by children on their parents and carers, leading the research is Dr Paula Wilcox. Dear Dr Wilcox, If you are looking for a solution to fit the family support structure of the UK don’t bother to waste.. read more →

20 Feb 2013
February 20, 2013

Are problems a downward spiral?

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It seems there are more and more people suffering more and more problems on a daily basis. OK this is only my view; see how it fits for you. Almost every minute of every day we are offered the choice of being controlled by problems or as I prefer to refer to them as ‘challenges’.. read more →