“My life can most aptly be described as a mess; a muddle of bad circumstance, negative experiences, troubled relationships and lack of strength to cope with it all!  It would be difficult to say who I was, as I was many people.  I was whoever I believed I was expected to be; a different person.. read more →

Are you worried about your child not making progress at school, being bullied or mixing with the wrong crowd? Are you finding your communication breaking down, not knowing what to do next and your parenting skills not being as effective as they used to be? Are you experiencing growing tension and frustration in understanding the.. read more →

You know how a Mum, when she is relaxed, instinctively knows what her baby wants; I believe that depth of connection is always available to us, and not just to Mums. I think it’s because babies are pure energy and that is the only way they can communicate and Mums are totally focused on what.. read more →

In Part 1 of this series of blog posts I looked at the culture the Government is facing, in Part 2 the practitioners and their environment and in this one I want to look at the content and outcomes. I have looked at the 6 Content Themes set out in the Department for Education document.. read more →

In my last post I explained my concern that we need to change the culture for parents to ask for help and parenting support because they feel stigmatised, failures and disempowered, albeit by well meaning professionals. The problem has been built up over a number of Governments, who have been supporting families. Professionals have been.. read more →

A £3.4 million parenting initiative starts today; it is being piloted in three areas of the UK to give advice to new parents – you can hear cries of “nanny state” can’t you! A vast array of information, sometimes conflicting is being offered in a variety of ways. How do parents decide what to do?.. read more →