Coaching with Alan

AW mug shotConnecting the dots!

1) Parents know when they are happy their children are happy.
2) Professionals know that children are sensitive to a parents emotional state.
3) Children are born as pure energy and survive by sensing.
4) Parents experience a connection as they sense what their baby wants before they cry out, that connection is always there.
5) Children take responsibility for a parents emotional state and react accordingly – often seen as bad behaviour!

I’ve proved (with independent evidence) when parents become congruent, comfortable in their own skin and aware of what I’ve called an ‘energetic connection’ they transform their relationships, even with teenagers. Energetic connection can also be referred to as sensing, knowing, instincts, intuition, gut feeling, love etc. So do you need an excuse to feel good about yourself?

If you would like to explore and enhance your powerful energetic connection with a personal coaching session, I offer a free call to ensure we resonate and make an appointment, please email to arrange our initial call/Skype.

30 minute session £60

60 minute session £100


I’ve been able to understand and accept the concept of energetic connection – it’s always been there, I have always felt it – just never before acknowledged it, I now use it all the time.” 
Ms A.B.

“The energetic connection has totally changed my life, I use it to connect with my son (diagnosed bi-polar), it has transformed our families communications and relationships.”
Ms K.F.

“I have seen a massive change in my son’s behaviour (diagnosed ADHD) too; especially on the days I use the energy connection.”
Ms S.H.