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We have a passion to empower children to be their most powerful self and fully express themselves and you have the ability to transform their lives. We understand some of the challenges and pressures you face, we would like to offer our Personal Development program free to support you in your vital work. Your social, emotional and physical well-being is critical in the work you do, so please check this course out.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to coach everyone through the course, however, this is a full version of the course with all of the materials and resources provided in this free version.

This is a limited offer and no credit card or email details are required.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with your colleagues and we ask you and them to honour our copyright by asking them to access the course independently from our website.

Thank you and we wish you every success in all you do.

Access details:

Introduction and index – Index page password: free-2

Module 1 – This is where the magic begins Module 1 password: free-2-1

This Module introduces you to our unique personal development program, it uses a powerful combination of mindfulness, coaching and emotional literacy techniques, underpinned by neuroscience, to connect participants with their innate abilities and wisdom. The learning outcomes are:

  • To begin your journey of personal empowerment.
  • To identify how your successes that highlight your potential.
  • To develop a more positive attitude towards yourself and others.

Module 2 – Creating ‘me’ time Module 2 password: free-2-2

This Module will help you look at all the important aspects in your life and help you identify your priorities and provide the tools and techniques to make the changes you want most. The learning outcomes are:

  • To start changing your current limiting habits.
  • To start creating new empowering ways to live.

Module 3 – Take control of your thoughts Module 3 password: free-2-3

In this Module we look at how our thoughts affect our feelings, emotions and behaviours, these then become our reality. We do have free will and can change our thought to create a different reality – one that empowers us. We only need to change our thought! The learning outcomes are:

  • To understand how your thoughts affect your feelings, emotions and behaviour.
  • To create your own reality by changing your thought with a snap of your fingers.

Module 4 – From communication to connection Module 4 password: free-2-4

This Module takes you to the core of our unique approach in personal development, your awareness of energy and the impact it has on your life and everyone around you, particularly the sensitive children. The learning outcomes are:

  • To understand how neuroplasticity affects the brain and positive experiences affect the heart.
  • To identify what level of listening is beyond ‘Active’ listening.
  • To help you to connect more deeply with those in your sphere of influence and their energy.

Module 5 – A coaching approach Module 5 password: free-2-5

This Module introduces a coaching approach – in its simplest form it’s creating self awareness, intuitive questions, deep listening and taking responsibility. The learning outcomes are:

  • To understand the coaching approach and how an energetic connection fits into the process.
  • To understand the GROW model, how to embed it in your conversations and empower your students and colleagues.

Module 6 – Honouring your values Module 6 password: free-2-6

In this Module you will be reviewing the whole course and it’s impact on your beliefs and values. Also creating a Sustainability Strategy to ensure you can apply all your learning into your life easily. The learning outcomes are:

  • To discover what you really value in your life.
  • To embed a different way forward for you as a teacher and as an individual.

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