Happy students learn better, deeper and quicker


Happy students learn better, deeper and quicker, it’s the most powerful way to create sustainable resilience and responsibility.

Conventionally we try and fix children and students. Actually they don’t need fixing they have all they need inside.

There are numerous strategies applied to students but true happiness and resilience comes from within. The great news is that we all, innately, have the potential to be happy. That is where our ‘Discover Your Genius Within’ course comes in, it stimulates and provides access to one’s innate abilities and wisdom. Students experience a spark of realisation – they have all they need inside, see the Course Outline.

Students will become emotionally resilient, create a growth mindset and self manage. A confident self-aware student is more resilient to bullying, manipulation and abuse, they are more likely to attend, attain and achieve their full potential and contribute to the school community.

We use a powerful combination of mindfulness, coaching and emotional literacy techniques, underpinned by neuroscience, to create empowered students. It’s the foundation of our work and enhances all relationships, especially your relationship with yourself.

Free Offer

If your school would like to pilot this innovative course we ask you to complete the ‘Teacher Personal Development’ program with a colleague and commit to the process. This program will enable you to deliver the most powerful experience for the students of ‘Discover Your Genius Within’. It could be the start of creating a whole school coaching ethos where teachers, students and parents work together to create a learning environment they own, for more details contact alan.wilson@me.com with ‘DYGW Free Offer’ in the subject line.