Parent Champion Level 1 online program

There’s nothing wrong with you as a parent – you just need new skills for todays children

Children are our greatest teachers, we just need to embrace this opportunity to create a different quality of relationship with them.

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You will:

  • Connect with your innate abilities and wisdom to realise you have all you need inside
  • Believe in your ability to be a good parent
  • Trust and use your parental instincts/intuition to create a different relationship
  • Step back and not react
  • Gain the confidence and parenting skills to parent in your own way
  • Learn to take ‘me’ time
  • Boost your parent/child communication and create quality time with your children
  • Increase the whole families emotional resilience and wellbeing

What will I learn?

  • How to change how you feel about yourself and the impact this has on those closest to you
  • How to focus on your successes, so that more of them arise in your life
  • How your thoughts affect your feelings, emotions and actions
  • How to connect at a deeper level and ask insightful questions
  • How to exercise your free will and create your own reality using goal setting techniques
  • How to clarify your priorities in life, including the creation of ‘me’ time
  • Finally, you will be shown how to create your own sustainable strategy. And of course you will have the skills to coach your family and friends

We use a powerful combination of mindfulness, coaching and emotional literacy techniques, underpinned by neuroscience, to connect you with your innate abilities and wisdom. It’s the foundation of our work and enhances all of your relationships, especially your relationship with yourself. There’s a spark of realisation you have all you need inside, start exploring today and prepare yourself for stressful situations.

The School holidays can be times of additional stress for both you and your child, why not take advantage of our special offer to change the quality of your most important relationships. One small change in you can create a huge change in them.

Normally £497 SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £297 – money back guarantee

You get:

  • Access to the 8 module multimedia online program, including workbook, videos, exercises and instructions
  • Personal feedback on each Module as you progress through the course.
  • A Completion Certificate
  • FREE monthly Q&A support call (for the first year)
  • A FREE ebook version of Alan’s 256 page “I don’t know you anymore – 7 steps to reconnect with your teenager”

The advantage of our online version is it’s accessible and always available to you. You can work your way through the 8 modules at your own pace. In addition you can have feedback from Alan Wilson the course designer as you progress with each module, and measure your progress when you have completed the course. On completion you receive a Completion certificate.

Parent Champion Level 1 is the online version of the evidence based and highly regarded Parent Champion Level 2, it has exactly the same content, tools and techniques.

Normally £497 SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £297 – money back guarantee