Ofsted 2015 CIF Personal development

Classroom disruptionAre you equipped to achieve the requirements of the new Framework?

How will you achieve:

“pride in achievement and commitment to learning, supported by a positive culture across the whole provider”?

“following of any guidelines for behaviour and conduct, including management of their own feelings and behaviour, and how they relate to others”?

“personal development, so that they are well prepared to respect others and contribute to wider society and life in Britain”?
(Ofsted Common Inspection Framework, DfE, 2015.)

We are ready to empower you to connect to your innate abilities and wisdom to achieve these, as well as contribute to the other 6 outcomes, through a low cost package of CPD (combination of face to face and online modules with accreditation). Some guidance from Janet Palmer HMI (National Lead for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

How we support you

1) One hour introductory session for all participating teachers

Target outcomes:

a) Gain an overview of the 6 modules:

  1. This is our purpose
  2. Creating ‘me’ time
  3. Take control of your thoughts
  4. From communication to connection
  5. A coaching approach
  6. Honouring your values and creating a sustainability strategy

b) Clear understanding of how the programme works

c) Access to the online ‘Personal Development’ modules, click to see an example.

2) Completion of online modules by Teaching and support staff

3) Follow up Assessment and Accreditation session

Target outcomes:

a) Assessment and accreditation of teaching and support staff

b) Further support sessions for those who require additional time for Assessment and Accreditation

Included are reports on individual learners’ progress during the programme and an end of programme report .

  1. Your teachers will have the benefit of experiencing and learning this totally unique program incorporating coaching, emotional literacy and mindfulness techniques
  2. Your teachers will be modelling this approach and will be able to teach their students these skills, to enhance their social and emotional relationships
  3. Your teachers will be able to train their peers in this coaching approach

Please contact us today to arrange a visit to your school to discuss your bespoke requirements.