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Transform Your Relationships

We want to help organisations save money and transform their sensitive relationships with those they work with. We will train and support your staff to learn the skills and embed our unique approach within their work.

A Commissioner for Children and Family Services said “Reading through the material you left with me I find this very fascinating and a positive culture shift in supporting families and young children. I can see this as a driver to a new way of working and an innovative approach to resolving this challenging and emotive subject.” 

The conventional support system, was and still is based on a deficit model, the people we have worked with over the last 14 years have formulated the table below, which has informed our model. We use a rich combination of methodologies to create personal empowerment and self responsibility. Critical to the success of the program is to engage with it experientially, you can’t learn to swim by reading about it, you have to get wet.

Table 2Our Aim

To help professionals to build stronger relationships with their clients, to empower them to make decisions, take responsibility, and sustain the changes they have personally made.

The Catalyst for Change

We have developed an approach that helps professionals to build, and experience stronger loving connections. This is based on facilitative coaching through group mindfulness, emotional intelligence and expansion techniques to create personal empowerment. To connect them to their innate abilities, to trust their instincts and love themselves. 

The Energetic Connection (Love)

Our approach helps those struggling to develop deep loving and supportive relationships. This produces a chemical reaction that stimulates feelings of wellbeing, contentment and trust. In this way we create the conditions that help to develop emotional resilience, sensing and a loving connection to thrive.

Work With Us

We work with organisations aligned with our own to equip their professional staff and associates to embed the ‘Energetic Connection’ and/or deliver our programs directly.

Our model has seen the profound impact it can have on people’s lives (including those from ‘Troubled Families’), so we are keen to expand our approach by working, equipping and training open minded professionals in our approach.

Free Taster Session

We will deliver a 2 hour session to your team and give them an overview of our approach and outcomes achieved by the Energetic Connection within our programs. They will hear from beneficiaries of the program and get to explore it’s suitability for themselves and their clients.

CPD Program

A CPD program of 6 weeks online tuition and 2 days of workshops to equip your team with skills to embed our innovative evidence based techniques within their everyday working relationships both in the workplace and at home.

Partner License

Empower your team to deliver our rograms.
The Partner License gives your organisation and selected professionals, access to:
Marketing tools and material – Training tools and resources – Impact methodology
Qualified on-going CPD Support – Sophisticated CRM System for Data Analysis

Associate License

Ideal for any professional, teacher or parent to increase their skills set, transform their lives and become part of our team, if you share our passion and values. Details of the Associate License are here.

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