Train the Trainer

Developing your emotional resilience is key to creating and managing effective relationships with your clients, peers and managers. Our program will give you an insight into the impact that emotional resilience can have on both your personal and work life and will give you the skills to transform the quality of connection with all those people important in your life, including your clients.

The bottom line is – if you’re happy and comfortable in yourself you will create a different quality of connection with your client as they sense the difference: they will feel a mutually respectful and trusting relationship building between you, and they will become calmer and more receptive.

So, this is not a just a course that will develop and improve your role of working with families, working on the mind, body and soul, it has the potential to change your whole life. This is our innovative evidence based methodology, (seen here adapted for teachers).

Our Train the Trainer online program utilises our evidence based personal empowerment program to support vulnerable families. We are working with a couple of local authorities to develop a low cost package of CPD support, with a combination of face to face and online modules including accreditation.

A Commissioner for Children and Family Services said “Reading through the material you left with me I find this very fascinating and a positive culture shift in supporting families and young children. I can see this as a driver to a new way of working and an innovative approach to resolving this challenging and emotive subject.”

If you want to explore this exciting development please contact to arrange a next step.